Pioneering coding, analytics and revenue management:
the Medici platform.

Codes are updated. Case mix rules change. Records are digitised. Coding tools, however, have been fossilized - until today.
Medici transforms the medical coding process to accurately capture casemix & revenue, generate insights and accelerate effective coding, grouping and casemix analytics at scale.

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A coding & grouping solution that fits your needs

Hospitals serve our communities and deserve the best tools possible, no matter their size. The Medici suite works with both metropolitan as well as regional hospitals and networks to improve casemix capture, reduce backlog via rapid coding & auditing, and deliver best in class integrated analytics.


Metropolitan hospitals

For large networks and hospitals across multiple specializations with significant coding/auditing requirements looking to accelerate coding and increase case-mix.

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Regional hospitals

For regional hospitals who want access to the same cutting edge coding and grouping tools available to metropolitan organizations at an affordable price point. Streamline your coding process and casemix funding.

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Self learning

Medici learns and evolves
keeping up with your coding staff

The Medici system is built for the 21st century digitial health ecosystem. Based on cutting edge machine learning, deep language representations and natural language processing, it learns from and works with your coders to enable progressively greater productivity over time. Your clinical coding department deserves a system that learns continuously just as they do.

Intelligent annotations

Inbuilt automated auditing

Consistency checks

Smart code search

Status monitoring at a glance

Self improving iterations

These are just a few of the features in the Medici system.
Cross platform

Works with your IT systems across enterprise platforms

In addition to being able to work inside your local IT networks, the Medici system also works on leading cloud platforms. This ensures that no matter which internal or external platform you choose or move between, Medici works seamlessly with your medical coding department.

Internal networks

Works on your hospital, network and state level IT infrastructure.

Amazon web services

Run services on virtual private clouds on AWS.

Azure cloud

Run services on Azure virtual networks on Azure.

Google cloud platform

Works with your systems on Google virtual private cloud.

Patient Administration Systems (PAS)

Integrates with all PAS that are FHIR/REST enabled.

Electronic Health (& Digital Medical) Records (EHR/DMR)

Compatible with all EHRs/DMRs that are FHIR/REST enabled.


Stockholm-icons / General / Lock Created with Sketch. Security at the core

Health data represents the pinnacle of personal information. The Medici system’s approach to data processing and its shared responsibility model are designed to ensure conformity with stringent global guidelines.


GDPR compliant design with data storage and processing available within the EU.


HIPAA compliant design with data storage and processing available within the US.


Data storage, processing and handling conformant with the Australian privacy act and Health records act.

Rapid Impact

Results in weeks not years

Our onboarding process ensures that our customers observe early on, the success indicators of the impact of the Medici platform.

0.1 hrs

Briefing and kickoff discussions

7-0.1 days

Data ingestion and framework setup

4 - 0.1 wks

Trial rollout and performance measurement

2 - 0.2 mo

Full fledged rollout across the hospital network with continuous performance monitoring

Product notes

Medici at a glance

Read more about the Medici platform, how it radically improves end-to-end coding, grouping, auditing & casemix revenue capture. The platform also scales securely across hospital on-premises and cloud infrastructure while addressing key data compliance issues.


Medici coder and grouper: an introduction

The Medici coding and grouping system explained.


Security in a nutshell

A deeper look into the security features of the Medici architecture.


We work with the best

Success in healthcare depends on a network of strong partnerships. We constantly develop ours. Here are some of the programs & vendors we leverage

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Medici sets the new standard in capturing more revenue and enabling effective coding. Learn how it could help with the needs of your hospital / health care network.

Finance stakeholders

Learn how Medici can help capture more revenue, reduce costs, improve audit response times and enable greater insights into revenues from coding activities.

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Health information managers

Discover how to streamline the coding and grouping process, integrate seamlessly with your EHR/DHR/PAS, and deliver higher impact using existing resources.

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Coding and auditing stakeholders

Watch the Medici system in action to see how you can benefit from improved accuracy, faster audit response times, and a more effective workflow.

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Find out how your hospital/network can leverage the Medici platform for superior outcomes.